The T.E.R.S. Mini Stocks are available at 200L and Modifieds at 550L for a prepainted ready to race car or truck.  Customs are available by request with Mini Stocks priced at 850L (650L if you already own a prepaint) and Modifieds at 1200L allowing you to paint it up with your own custom design, colors, and with your own registerd number.  If you do not want to or do not know how to paint/texture then one can be done for you by an available painter in Second Life for a fee.  These "blanks" are not fitted for the chassis and will need to be sent back to Ryde Thor with the textures used (with full permissions) for an officialy fitted one for race use.  In the mean time while you paint your blank you will recieve a prepaint body to use untill you have finished painting.

Vehicles can be purchased on raceday or usually the night before at the location of the race from the vendor which is taken down just before the races.

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